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Zen Large Floor Mirror

84h 42w x 4d

Zen Medium Floor Mirror

67h x 30w x 4d

Zen Square Mirror

42h x 42w x 4d

Zen Dresser Mirror

24h x 30w x 1d

Turning Mirror

72h x 18w x 13d

1998-P Mirror

36w x 36h / 26″ Dia.

1999-P Mirror

30h x 30w / 19″ Dia.

2006-P Mirror

26w x 67h

2004-P Mirror

26w x 67h

2003-P Mirror

34w x 49h

2007-P Mirror

31w x 43h

2008-P Mirror

31w x 43h

2010-B Mirror

24w x 36h

2011-B Mirror

24w x 36h

2012-B Mirror

24w x 36h

2016-P Mirror

19w x 45h

2019-P Mirror

Set of 3: 12w x 12h Each

2020-P Mirror

Set of 3: 12w x 12h Each

2026-P Mirror

Red Leather with Legs
36w x 84h

2023-P Mirror

36w x 76h

2025-B Mirror

30w x 75h

2022-P Mirror

43w x 79h

2031-P Mirror

27w x 36h

2032-P Mirror

36w x 50h

2037-B Mirror

30w x 40h

2038-P Mirror

30w x 72h

2039-B Mirror

32w x 44h

2051-P Mirror

36″ Dia. or 24″ Dia.

2042-P Mirror

48w x 96h

2055-B Mirror

30w x 30h

2056-B Mirror

42″ Dia. or 30″ Dia.

2061-P Mirror

40w x 40h

2060-P Mirror

40w x 40h

2074-B Mirror

30w x 75h

2080-P Mirror

36w x 85h

1356-B Mirror

55w x 79h

1372-P Mirror

45w x 82h

1705-B Mirror

42″ Dia.

1428-B Mirror

34″ Dia.

1803-p Mirror

33w x 60h

1907-P Mirror

34w x 49h

1908-B Mirror

29″ Dia.

1909-B Mirror

25w x 37h

1958-P Mirror

36w x 48h

1862-P Mirror

29w x 75h

1939-P Mirror

24w x 72h x 28d